Keen to Be Green Video Launch

As part of Dublin Climate Action Week Fingal County Council have launched an introductory video to  Fingal’s Keen To Be Green Facilities Project. The project will see the community facilities from around Fingal take part in a 5-stage plan to become sustainable and take action against the effects of Climate Change. The Project is a collaboration between Fingal’s Community Development Office, Fingal Environment, Climate Action and  Active Travel department and the Fingal Community Facilities Network.

Speaking in the video,  Fingal County Council CE AnnMarie Farrelly explains: “By signing up to Fingal’s Keen To Be Green Facilities Charter, the community facilities in Fingal are demonstrating their commitment to sustainable climate action.  Every action no matter how small enables communities in Fingal to play their part. It is hoped that this project will bring about vital change in the community and create greater awareness around action in local communities across Fingal.”

The charter contains five stages including waste management and energy efficiency and each community facility will carry out the necessary requirements as they prepare to re-open fully to the public.


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