Positive Aging week: September 27th – October 1st 2021


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Positive Ageing Week 2021 (PAW) celebrates ageing and the contribution and agency of older people. The theme of PAW 2021 is Reconnecting Communities by Reframing Ageing.  As our communities learn to live with COVID-19 and we reflect on our response measures, it is necessary that we also develop a more positive, realistic narrative about ageing that will help to shift attitudes.

2021 is the time to begin to reframe our attitudes to ageing as the United Nations celebrate a Decade of Healthy Ageing and begin the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism.

Anyone and everyone can participate in PAW. We encourage community-based events, organised by groups or individuals as well as national events, in partnership with Age Action or not, to reflect the diversity of experience and situation of older people.